What’s In It For You

HireMeUp has a lot to offer. Whether you’re looking for a job or looking to advertise, HireMeUp can help.
Here’s a brief rundown of the services we offer:
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Search through our resume database and job ads by the days, hours, even time of day you’re looking for.
Job Matchmaker (TM) – Our custom-designed Job Matchmaker service will help you search our database for resumes or job ads that match your preferences.
Job Seekers, Companies and Service Providers can promote their unique interests by posting a searchable profile.
Our Upcoming Events section is the perfect place to advertise your next networking function, fundraiser, workshop, seminar or conference.
Find training opportunities, whether you’re looking for part time, full time, distance, short or simply a one-day workshop, in our Career Training section.
List any work experience ads for FREE anytime!
Plus, HireMeUp offers Charities and Non-Profits FREE advertising as well.

Find out more about about how on HireMeUp works and our services and rates by contacting us here or visiting our How It Works page.


Dear Job Seekers…

Looking for a job is not exactly what anyone would class as “fun” (well, maybe a recruiter would), especially a part-time job. You find them scattered amongst the pages of the mainstream job boards bundled together (ie. PART-TIME STAFF WANTED: 1xButcher, 3xBakers and 2xCandlestick Makers) with little description and rarely a hint at what hours they require. You spend hours crafting the perfect resume highlighting just the right skills to go with your carefully constructed cover letter (that is grammatically flawless by the way) to send it off to the online Gods hoping to hear a response. And maybe you’re lucky and you get an interview, you think you’ve got it nailed until the topic of availability pops up (usually at the end of the fantastic interview). Suddenly, it all crumbles down.

You’ve got class or sport or your kids’ aren’t in school/childcare when the employer needs you. So you both sadly shake hands and say ‘g’bye’ to start the hunt again.

HireMeUp says enough is enough! Why can’t part-time employers match up their part-time jobs with job seekers based on availability first?! Before everyone wastes time and money?

Well, now they can!

With our customised Job Matchmaker job search, HireMeUp allows you to select the days, time and hours you want to work and speedily delivers all of the available jobs that match your availability. Now you can make work fit around your class time, kids’ time, and even your tee time!

And, of course, there’s more! With our Free Account, you can browse and save jobs, use job alerts, create a job seeker profile and upload your resume for registered employers to find in their search for new hires. You can also set your resume’s visibility options by allowing all employers to view your resume or only those you select.

Upgrade to a Job Seeker Subscription (just $14.95/month or $49/year) and you can really outshine the competition and get even more involved in the HireMeUp community. Upload video to showcase your portfolio and achievements, use our private messaging service to contact and communicate with employers without sharing private contact details and post up to 5 resumes to our Job Seeker database to highlight your different skills and experiences (that’s 5 times the chances to catch an employer’s eye!). You can also rate and/or comment on job ads and even flag those you deem as inappropriate or not legitimate. And put your resume at the top of the pile with a priority listing in our resume database.

At HireMeUp, we want to give the part-time market the job board of their dreams because we wished it existed when we were looking for work that could fit around our lives. The work landscape is changing and we aim to keep up with it!

Click here to watch our short video created with you in mind to find out what more HireMeUp has to offer you as a job seeker…


Dear Employers, HR Managers, Recruiters…

We know we’re the new guy taking on the big boys, but we pack a lot of punch! We hear your complaints about too many applications, not enough relevant candidates, the need to fill positions fast and efficiently, how every cent and every minute counts! And we’ve tried to answer them all.

Our availability-focused search alone cuts down on the number of applications and increases the quality of the applicants because if you put it out there and the can’t match it, they don’t apply! We have easy-to-set-up application questionnaires that you create once and assign to any job ad from now until eternity. We’ll even post your job ads and screen your applications for you with our Career Concierge service! Or, skip the ad posting all together with a HireMore or HirePlus subscription because you can do a full search of the HireMeUp database of job seekers to find the right people with the right skills for the right job. With our unique Job Matchmaker service, searching is made easier by corresponding jobseekers and employers according to experience, knowledge, preferred times of work and more.

To place an ad on the obvious array of boring-snoring job boards is likely to set you back a minimum $215 per listing which we consider outrageously expensive. On HireMeUp, you can post a single job ad (HireOne) for just $25+GST. Opt for a HireMore or a HirePlus subscription and the rates get even lower!

Your business could be a young start-up with a limited recruitment budget or simply an enterprise that requires specialist work just a few days a week. Part time is not just for teenagers looking for a casual retail job anymore. We cover all industries and all skill levels because there is a need. There’s a job seeker goldmine out there with energy, experience and buckets of value and HireMeUp offers a direct link into this market allowing your company to tap into this rich stream of workers to suit your staffing requirements, remove the pounding headache of part-time recruitment and steal a march on your competitors.

While there are many job listings websites across Australia, HireMeUp has become a market leader and towering totem for those in search of flexibility. When full time workers or employment are weighing you down, HireMeUp are the professional specialists in part time, casual, contract or project work and will look to bring the dream team of staff to you.

By simplifying and improving staff recruitment processes, HireMeUp will allow your business to streamline staff costs whilst still finding that confident consultant, awesome administrator or formidable freelancer.

Click here to watch our short video created with you in mind to find out what more HireMeUp has to offer you as a job advertiser…


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