Work Experience the Foundation to an Oscar Win

Just this week, Australian film editor Kirk Baxter took home the Oscar for his work on the film, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. In a recent interview, Baxter credited his Year 11 work experience as a major contributor to finding his true passion – and the one that has now nabbed him the coveted … Continue reading

“1000 Jobs in 1000 Hours” — Help Aussie Kids Get Real Work Experience

Take a minute and think about your own career path. Is yours straight and narrow or more winding? At what age did you actually decide what you wanted to be when you “grew up?” Do you even know now? Many of us have gone onto very different careers from the ones that we chose when … Continue reading

Top 5 Work Trends To Watch for in 2012

The working world is in the midst of a major transition as we shrug off the shackles of 9-to-5 to accommodate our frenetic modern lifestyles and seek versatile, flexible work. Technological and societal changes are pushing us into wonderful new workplaces where employers invest in human capital, we’re no longer bound to our office cubicles … Continue reading

ABS Report: 3/4 of Part Timers Are Women

Women’s participation in the labour force has almost doubled since the ’60s and as the part time market continues to grow, a new report finds women make up 75 per cent of part time workers. The trend to part time and flexible hours was highlighted recently by the Australian Bureau of Statistic’s newly-released Now and … Continue reading

Honorable Mention for HireMeUp in Cool Company Awards

The 2011 Cool Company Awards were announced at the end of 2011 and we’re chuffed to receive one of only three “Honorable Mentions” in the category for Online Business. While we knew that it was probably a little too early for us to throw our hat in the ring, we do know the value of … Continue reading

Onwards & Upwards in 2012!

HireMeUp’s first year is coming to a close and we couldn’t be prouder of what we’ve achieved or more excited for what lies ahead! Billboards, radio interviews, partnerships with Hollywood blockbusters… the atmosphere has been electric at the offices of HireMeUp! With our iPhone app in development, a book underway and some big international employers … Continue reading

Facebook Timeline: What Job Seekers & Employers Need to Know

Here it comes! The highly-anticipated (and feared) Facebook Timeline. If you haven’t already heard, Facebook’s latest design upgrade allows users to find content from several years in the past much easier. The changes will include a chronological display of user information with a big emphasis on photos (any less-than-professional pics from your uni days flashing … Continue reading

Is the Workplace Social System at Risk of Being Eroded?

As the workplace evolves and we begin to include more and more virtual and remote work scenarios, will fostering work-based friendships and social interaction be less important in the future? This HireMeUp News post was inspired by a LinkedIn Discussion question that raised such a hot topic for work trends that I thought I’d share … Continue reading

Taking Action: May Feel Bad, But It’s Good For Us!

I have seen some absolutely brilliant, talented, intelligent and good-natured people fail in their careers and business. I have then seen “Average” people really succeed beyond their wildest dreams and achieve amazing things in their businesses! There are often quite a few reasons, but what it often comes down to is how much people can … Continue reading