Part Time Work Becoming The Mainstream for Many Australian Workers

There’s a huge movement afoot in the Australian workforce.  The April Labour Report has once again confirmed a dramatic rise in part time employment with a record number of Australians working shorter hours.  The official number of Australians in part time jobs now sits at 3.44 million, a record for the Aussie employment labour market. … Continue reading

Setting Time Boundaries

  I recently read a great post and video blog, ‘Why Setting Boundaries Is Key On The Road To Job Happiness’ by Jenn Korducki Krenn of the website Dream Champs. It immediately resonated with me and reminded me of my earlier working life.   How many of you have experienced the situation of sitting at your desk … Continue reading

And the winner is ….. HireMeUp!

Tenacity and a passionate belief in their business concept has won HireMeUp Co-Founders an invitation to the world’s largest entrepreneur’s convention, TiECON in Silicon Valley, California. Fiona Anson, co-founder of, delivered the presentation that secured the top prize in TiE Sydney’s Pitching Competition for women entrepreneurs last night. HireMeUp’s identification of and focus on … Continue reading

How to Make Your Resume Stand Out From The Crowd

If you want to convert your 15 seconds of fame into an in-person interview at the company of your choice, include a summary statement at the opening of your resume. A well-written summary statement tells the Recruiter/Hiring Manager how your experience and skill set will help their company solve a particular challenge, become more profitable … Continue reading

Mother’s Day Giveaway!

Being a mum is one of the toughest jobs out there and HireMeUp wants to hear your story! Send us an email with your story of how you fit work around your family or a story about how your mum managed the balancing act and we’ll reward the top 10 entries with a FREE copy … Continue reading

Effective Job Searching in 6 Easy Steps!

1. Assess Yourself A good job search begins with a thorough self assessment. Looking for a new job is a great opportunity to realign your goals. It’s up to you to articulate what those goals are. Start by asking yourself these questions and spend some time reflecting on the answers: What are my values? What … Continue reading

New Programme Highlights Importance of Work Experience for Gen Y

TODAY kicks off the start of “1000 Jobs in 1000 Hours” – Australia’s highly-anticipated drive to raise the awareness of the importance of work experience for the young. With the backing of the NSW Department of Education, 1000 Jobs aims to help place 1000 young Australians across the country into new work experience jobs over … Continue reading

It’s HireMeUp’s 1st Birthday!

One year ago today went live! And what a year it’s been! From Fiona and I having a simultaneous epiphany one day about a job board that made it easy to find work that fits into your life to creating the job board of our dreams (with no programming/recruitment experience, mind you!) we’re very … Continue reading

Why Part Time is the New Black

It seems that just over a decade ago the cries of “greed is good” were ringing out all over the city as we amassed big houses, expensive cars and plenty of fine dining to announce that we’d made it, but the arrival of the Noughties has heralded a new, more balanced approach to life. Work … Continue reading

Happy International Women’s Day!

Happy International Women’s Day! As a company founded by two women from two different generations, we are certainly celebrating along with women all over the world today. The holiday, first celebrated around the globe in 1911, brings the vital role women play in enhancing economic security for their families, communities and countries as a whole to the … Continue reading