Homebased Company Google Places Guide

Ok Hommies so this week we are going to post a daily Hint and Tip on using Google Places. Google Places is effectively a business directory that has been integrated with the Googles Maps service. In comparison to search engine optimisation, creating a Google Places search listing for your business is pretty simple, and doesn’t … Continue reading

5 Email Marketing Tips

Small businesses may have been using email marketing for decades to find new sales and customers, but many still make the same mistakes that marred campaigns in the 90s. Email is an effective medium, but is easy to accidentally sabotage if you’re unfamiliar with how it works. The following are five often-overlooked tips for getting … Continue reading

Taking Action: May Feel Bad, But It’s Good For Us!

I have seen some absolutely brilliant, talented, intelligent and good-natured people fail in their careers and business. I have then seen “Average” people really succeed beyond their wildest dreams and achieve amazing things in their businesses! There are often quite a few reasons, but what it often comes down to is how much people can … Continue reading