From Corporate High Flyer to Work Life Balance

Jan Osmond has always considered herself one of the lucky ones because, all through her career, she has loved her work but looking back at her corporate life she wishes there was one thing she had known from the start — work/life balance is not a myth! Jan was always reaching for the stars – … Continue reading

Free Inspiring Online Journey: 30 Days of Greatness for Women

“Greatness, it’s just like when you have something precious and valuable and you put it in a safe place, yet sometimes that place is so safe that even you forget where it is. Sometimes we cloud our mind, body and spirit with the external world that we forget where our Greatness is.” Monica Kade is … Continue reading

Happy International Women’s Day!

Happy International Women’s Day! As a company founded by two women from two different generations, we are certainly celebrating along with women all over the world today. The holiday, first celebrated around the globe in 1911, brings the vital role women play in enhancing economic security for their families, communities and countries as a whole to the … Continue reading

ABS Report: 3/4 of Part Timers Are Women

Women’s participation in the labour force has almost doubled since the ’60s and as the part time market continues to grow, a new report finds women make up 75 per cent of part time workers. The trend to part time and flexible hours was highlighted recently by the Australian Bureau of Statistic’s newly-released Now and … Continue reading

GIVEAWAY! SJP’s New Movie Speaks to the Challenges of the Working Mum

Online Competition! Simply answer 3 quick questions for a chance to win a double pass to new movie “I Don’t Know How She Does It” starring Sarah Jessica Parker or a copy of the book written by critically-acclaimed, bestselling author Allison Pearson courtesy of Village Roadshow and Random House. Click here to enter! __________________________________________________________________________ “I Don’t Know How She Does It” in Cinemas … Continue reading

HireMeUp Wishes You a Happy Mother’s Day!

HireMeUp wants to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to all of the hard-working women out there that take on the hardest job of all – motherhood.

To Work Or Not To Work – Who’s Got It Right?

TO WORK OR NOT TO WORK – WHO’S GOT IT RIGHT? Study Shows Public Opinion Is Split SYDNEY, 8 April 2011 – The argument continues for and against stay at home and working mums, according to the April survey of Almost 60% of working mums say that they are accused of not taking parenting … Continue reading

Research Shows That Increasing Job Flexibility Will Reduce the Gender Wage Gap & Boost the Economy

Research Shows That Increasing Job Flexibility Will Reduce the Gender Wage Gap & Boost the Economy According to a recent AMP/NATSEM study the gender wage gap in Australia stands at 17.6% male to female earnings or $1—1.5million over a lifetime which, if erased, could increase our GDP by 8.5% or $93 billion. So how do … Continue reading