BEING WELL vs WELLBEING … is there a difference?

I don’t know if it is a trait typical only of the English, but it always makes me smile when someone asks the question “How are you?”   The standard response is usually along the lines of “Very well, thank you”, or “I’m well, thanks – how are you?”  I think it’s a conditioning – a … Continue reading

From Corporate High Flyer to Work Life Balance

Jan Osmond has always considered herself one of the lucky ones because, all through her career, she has loved her work but looking back at her corporate life she wishes there was one thing she had known from the start — work/life balance is not a myth! Jan was always reaching for the stars – … Continue reading

Free Inspiring Online Journey: 30 Days of Greatness for Women

“Greatness, it’s just like when you have something precious and valuable and you put it in a safe place, yet sometimes that place is so safe that even you forget where it is. Sometimes we cloud our mind, body and spirit with the external world that we forget where our Greatness is.” Monica Kade is … Continue reading

Setting Time Boundaries

  I recently read a great post and video blog, ‘Why Setting Boundaries Is Key On The Road To Job Happiness’ by Jenn Korducki Krenn of the website Dream Champs. It immediately resonated with me and reminded me of my earlier working life.   How many of you have experienced the situation of sitting at your desk … Continue reading

Good Health Is Good Business

Ward Off Winter Colds With These Top Health Tips No one likes being sick. It’s time off work, away from your business, quarantined from your family, avoided by friends, and certainly not a help when it comes to achieving a better work/life balance. Research shows that adults will experience a cold about 2-5 times a … Continue reading

Mantras for Better Balance

Sometimes just saying a word or group of words out loud a couple of times can do wonders for your energy level. Whether you call them mantras, affirmations, mottos or quotes, we believe the phrases we’ve compiled below can be really useful tools in achieving better work/life balance. Choose a phrase from our Top 10 Favourite … Continue reading

Tips & Tools for Finding Your Balance

Finding your balance is not easy. With this new section of the HireMeUp Wire, we hope to help you achieve balance in your life by passing on tips, tools and advice that can set you on the right path. To kick start the new category, here are a few bits of advice for finding your … Continue reading