For Full-Time Fathers, the Pressure Is On

Australian fathers are working more, spending more time with their children and helping with domestic chores and the pressure to “do it all” is starting to show. Between 1997 and 2006, the average work hours for men have gone up almost six hours a week in the past decade. The Longitudinal Study of Australian Children … Continue reading

Part-Time: Today’s Choice for Job Seekers and Employers Alike

The latest ABS figures show a substantial growth in the flexible workforce with over 29% of all Australian jobs now being part time. It seems that the pursuit of the elusive work/life balance and a precarious economic climate have coupled to make part time the choice for job seekers and employers alike. And, in recent years, … Continue reading

Exiting Baby Boomers To Expand the Part-Time Workforce

We’ve been hearing about the impact of the ageing “baby boomers” for a number of years now. First, they were responsible for the sea change effect. Now, it’s the retirement effect as the bubs born in the ‘50s have started reaching age. With rising costs of living and the increasing vitality of the over 60s, … Continue reading

Latest Labour Force Report: April 2011

In their latest Labour Force Report, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) reported that Australia’s unemployment rate is steady at 4.9 per cent. Low compared to the US whose unemployment rate currently stands at 9%, the UK at 7.8% and Canada at 7.6%. The Australian male unemployment rate increased 0.1 pts to 4.7% and the female unemployment … Continue reading

NRA Predicts Australia’s Retail Market Will Lose 50,000 Jobs

With the Online Shopping Boom Already Impacting the Retail Industry, HireMeUp Says It’s Time for Job Seekers and Employers Alike to Adapt The latest survey from the Australian Retailer’s Association has confirmed what we’ve already suspected – job availability in the retail sector is being affected by the public move towards online shopping. According to … Continue reading

ANU Study Finds Any Job Is Not Necessarily Better Than None

ANU Study Finds Any Job Is Not Necessarily Better Than None It’s a common belief that “any job is better than no job,” but a research team from the Australian National University in Canberra begs to differ. After analysing data collected since 2001 from a nationally representative household survey of more than 7,000 Australian residents, … Continue reading

ABS Report Confirms Trend Towards Part-Time Work

ABS Report Confirms Trend Towards Part-Time Work According to the Labour Force Report published by the ABS in December 2010, there has been a marked increase in part-time employment in the last 10 years. Although the rise has been steady for the past three decades, the report highlighted significant surges in the proportion of people … Continue reading