Are Entrepreneurs Unemployable?

Just recently a friend of mine – an entrepreneur with numerous successes and over 20 years experience – went job hunting…. Having just sold a business and yet to find her next passion, she thought she might give the corporate world a go. After two months of day after day job hunting, my friend called me with … Continue reading

Part Time Work Becoming The Mainstream for Many Australian Workers

There’s a huge movement afoot in the Australian workforce.  The April Labour Report has once again confirmed a dramatic rise in part time employment with a record number of Australians working shorter hours.  The official number of Australians in part time jobs now sits at 3.44 million, a record for the Aussie employment labour market. … Continue reading

Why Part Time is the New Black

It seems that just over a decade ago the cries of “greed is good” were ringing out all over the city as we amassed big houses, expensive cars and plenty of fine dining to announce that we’d made it, but the arrival of the Noughties has heralded a new, more balanced approach to life. Work … Continue reading

Happy International Women’s Day!

Happy International Women’s Day! As a company founded by two women from two different generations, we are certainly celebrating along with women all over the world today. The holiday, first celebrated around the globe in 1911, brings the vital role women play in enhancing economic security for their families, communities and countries as a whole to the … Continue reading

Top 5 Work Trends To Watch for in 2012

The working world is in the midst of a major transition as we shrug off the shackles of 9-to-5 to accommodate our frenetic modern lifestyles and seek versatile, flexible work. Technological and societal changes are pushing us into wonderful new workplaces where employers invest in human capital, we’re no longer bound to our office cubicles … Continue reading

ABS Report: 3/4 of Part Timers Are Women

Women’s participation in the labour force has almost doubled since the ’60s and as the part time market continues to grow, a new report finds women make up 75 per cent of part time workers. The trend to part time and flexible hours was highlighted recently by the Australian Bureau of Statistic’s newly-released Now and … Continue reading

Self Employment – The Road to Work/Life Balance?

The latest Insync/Red Balloon Dream Employers Survey has named Google as the number one Dream Employer of the year.  Interestingly, however, those surveyed have chosen themselves as their employer of choice with self employment ranking as the number two option. While the survey has a healthy spattering of dynamic, young and young-focussed companies, for the … Continue reading

HireMeUp and the Part-Time Market – Growing in Leaps and Bounds!

With the successful launch of newly-developed and the latest ABS Labour Report continuing to illustrate the rise in the part-time workforce, co-founder  Fiona Anson believes that there are number of contributing factors. “We believe that there are three main sectors contributing to this rise.  Firstly there’s the baby boomers who, thanks to the GFC, … Continue reading

Latest Labour Force Report: August 2011

As full time employment continues to fall, part-time employment climbs ever higher. In their latest Labour Force Report, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) reported that Australia’s unemployment rate has risen to a worrying 5.3 per cent. The rise is due largely to a decrease in full time employment, which was slightly offset by an increase … Continue reading


The trend towards part-time work continues with the recent Labour Report figures showing that the increase in the number of people seeking part-time work is nearly double those seeking full-time work. In July alone, there was an increase of over 4% in the number of Australians seeking part-time work as opposed to under 2.6% seeking … Continue reading