Social Media: How to Embrace the Worldwide Phenomena & Harness Its Power (Part 3)

Part 3: 7 General Guidelines to Keep in Mind When Adopting a Social Media Strategy 1. What Works For Me, May Not Work For You Social media demands a personalised approach. All forms are not for all companies. For instance, Facebook and Twitter are ideal for Curbside Cupcakes but a blog might not be a … Continue reading

Social Media: How to Embrace the Worldwide Phenomena & Harness Its Power (Part 2)

Part 2: What is Social Media, Exactly, and How Do I Use It? “Social media” is a broad term for numerous technologies and tools. Here is a brief list of what falls under the social media umbrella. Social Networking – Websites that help people build a community of friends and share information like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn … Continue reading

Social Media: How to Embrace the Worldwide Phenomena & Harness Its Power (Part 1)

Part 1: A Perfect Social Media Example to Emulate From a mysterious teenage obsession to a business prerequisite, social media has exploded onto the market in a matter of years and changed the name of the marketing game. Businesses today can no longer afford to ignore or postpone harnessing the power of this phenomena to … Continue reading

Boost Sales By Getting Back to Marketing Basics

Over the years, I’ve worked with hundreds of businesses all looking for the latest, greatest marketing idea that will prove to be the magic key for boosting sales. Everyone is always asking me for “new” ideas for marketing. But the truth is, that there is nothing really new in marketing. Sure, there are new mediums like … Continue reading

Good Health Is Good Business

Ward Off Winter Colds With These Top Health Tips No one likes being sick. It’s time off work, away from your business, quarantined from your family, avoided by friends, and certainly not a help when it comes to achieving a better work/life balance. Research shows that adults will experience a cold about 2-5 times a … Continue reading

Job Seeker Must Haves: Business Cards

As a business person, one of the most important tools of trade is your business card. There is talk of business cards being obsolete by the super tech savvy among us, but the truth is they’re not. You can promise to find someone on LinkedIn or some other social media platform, or check out their … Continue reading

Mantras for Better Balance

Sometimes just saying a word or group of words out loud a couple of times can do wonders for your energy level. Whether you call them mantras, affirmations, mottos or quotes, we believe the phrases we’ve compiled below can be really useful tools in achieving better work/life balance. Choose a phrase from our Top 10 Favourite … Continue reading

Business Tips: Getting Publicity

There are two major ways to increase your sales.  One is to get more customers.  The second is to get the ones you have spending more (either more often or for more money per sale). Both methods rely on your customers, or potential customers, knowing who you are, where you are and what you do. … Continue reading