When Should My Company Rebrand?

As a small home based business the words rebrand probably fill you with dread, and conjure up images of $$$ and a lot of time and effort for little gain…..you also probably say to yourself, but I had my business cards printed last year, why would I need to rebrand now?

…..well this article gives you some hints and tips on rebranding and why it is so important, pointing out that rebranding does not always mean having to re do all your printed parts, sometimes rebranding your customer image and how people perceive you is more important.

After all, your brand image is so much more than the image on your business card.


Your brand is the public face of your business – it is what defines you along with the service you give your customers, your brand will be the first thing a potential customer see’s, and what may make them decide to work with you or not.

Rebranding your image can give you a competitive advantage over your competitors, a well planned  rebrand to reflect the current market shows you’re on top of your game, and most importantly  shows your customers you are listening to what is going on around you.


As your company continues to grow, rebranding will ensure that customers hungry for change will keep coming back to see “what’s new.” The rebrand shows the company’s evolution and this stimulates further growth.

Rebranding does not necessarily mean it has to cost you a lot of money, and you do not always have to re produce all your marketing materials to gain a rebrand effect, it can be subtle changes that make a big difference.


A company’s brand must show changes and advancements in size and market position, but it is also important for the brand to show changes in technology. No matter what product you are selling, be it a technical product, where it is important to keep up to date with computer hardware or software , or keeping up to date with  the products you are using to promote your business, you must keep up to date, and follow the trends to keep your customers feeling confident.


Again, your brand is the public face of your business. When your brand fails to reflect the level of innovation your business has achieved, your customers will, quite naturally, assume that you have fallen behind the times. Competitors who consistently rebrand their products and services will likely outperform you in reputation and profitability.

Whatever your reason for rebranding—, technological innovation, or any other type of growth or change—your company’s brand must remain consistent with the latest and greatest your business has to offer. Rebranding is essential to communicate your level of quality to your audience of consumers

Quite simply it is never too soon to rebrand – if something is not working or a competitor has done something better – then Re brand !

Remember rebranding does not necessarily mean spending alot of money, look at how your business is being perceived by your customers, and change what you need to give your business the upper hand.


Supplied by The Homemade Company

ABOUT THE HOMEMADE COMPANY: We are a Marketing Support Company, who understands Home based Businesses. We understand sometimes you just need an extra pair of eyes, or a second professional opinion, and sometimes you need someone to go away and to do a great job marketing your company leaving you time to run your business. We promise to listen to you and deliver what you need.

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One Response to “When Should My Company Rebrand?”
  1. Market Brew says:

    Rebranding has always fascinated me. Many do it right, but so so many companies fall flat on their face. I recently wrote a post on the struggles Buick is facing with their rebranding- some of the same points you brought up in the Keeping Up With the Joneses section. Have a read for yourself and let me know what you think: http://www.marketbrew.net/2012/08/is-buick-too-old.html

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