Homebased Company Google Places Guide

Ok Hommies so this week we are going to post a daily Hint and Tip on using Google Places.

Google Places is effectively a business directory that has been integrated with the Googles Maps service.

In comparison to search engine optimisation, creating a Google Places search listing for your business is pretty simple, and doesn’t mean you have to be a technical genius.

It is aimed at local businesses getting in touch and connecting with local customers. So if you are a small HomeBased business targeting your local area, this is a very useful tool for you. Also, Google Places has one distinct difference from other search services like AdWords. – it’s FREE!!!

And we all like something that’s FREE !!!

Claim your listing

The first step in getting your business on Google Places is to simply go and claim its location.

Before Google’s Places has a few do’s and don’ts so best to look at their guidelines.

“Do not create multiple Google Places listings with the same information,” warns Nick Grinberg, co-director of Maps Gurus. “If you’ve got multiple locations, that’s fine, but if you’ve got one address, only register a single listing.”

When you are placing your listing  only use contact information for your actual office or shop. For example, Google won’t place any value in a PO Box, so put your real address.

Google takes information from third party sources like the Yellow Pages, “Unclaimed listings can struggle to rank high in results,” claims  Brendan Tully, principle consultant at The Search Engine Shop.

“Often the act of just claiming a listing can double website traffic overnight.”

As in most Google applications, it is a good idea to know what kind of keywords rank highly for your business. Use research tools such as Google Adwords keyword search or Market Samurai to help you with this.

It’s also a good idea to make sure the keywords you use on your website match,those you’re using with Google Places listings.

Tell them everything

The next step is to fill the listing with information about your business. Google’s wants to give the searcher as many relevant results as possible. The more content you fill your Places listing with, the more likely Google will pick up on it when searching.

“There’s roughly 30 or 40 different fields that you can fill out about your business inside Google Places; things like payment methods, opening hours, the locations you deliver  to. You can even include pictures, videos and testimonials.

It really comes down to who has the most information to give to the searcher. If you have filled out all the fields in your listing, and a competitor hasn’t, you will generally be ranked higher than them in Google Places.

It’s also a good idea to get your listing reviewed from your customers – much like a testimonial. Once you have 5 reviews, your listing will stand out, as Google will then show your reviews next to your business listing.


In normal searches the number of links your site receives, shows Google how many people looked at your site and decided to share that information. The more links a page gets the higher it ranks in a search.

Google Places tends to favor businesses that have their contact details listed in the greatest number of different sites throughout the internet.

The more citations your business has the higher ranked your Google Places listing will be.

So get your name out there and get people talking about it, success leads to more success.

There are a lot of third party applications that take their information from Google , this means if you get a listing on Google Places, you could also be showing up on hundreds of other searches, you don’t even know about.

Supplied by The Homemade Company

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