Word of Mouth Marketing

Word of Mouth Marketing is by far the most effective and cheapest form of generating new business. To get people talking about you and your product, often comes down to social skills and I’m not talking Facebook and Twitter.

Here are a few tips on how to get people talking.

Be Confident. Do you tell friends about dull companies, or productss? Do you arrange introductions for people who bore you silly? Of course not. Get some practice in, start by talking to your friends tell them about how great your product is. Feel proud of what you do and your confidence will rub off on them.  Simply ask: Would you pass the message on?

Make it Simple and Memorable. Think of Chinese whispers, if the message is too long , it gets mixed up, and before you know it the message you wanted to get over, has changed beyond all recognition .Make it simple so when people repeat it they get it right.  Think…. less is more.

Be Positive. Always be positive and happy, be someone people want to be around and want to be associated with. Your positivity will rub off on others. Happiness can also be interpreted as confidence and if you’re not confident about your product no one else will be.

Be Trustworthy. An important thing about generating Word of mouth is that people passing on your message trust you to always treat customers with great care. No one wants to recommend a company only to find out their friend had a negative experience. It looks bad on you as a company, but more so it looks bad on the friend.

Ensure your service is impeccable and every client or sale is dealt with respect, then the Word of Mouth Marketing will take on a life of its own.

Supplied by The Homemade Company

ABOUT THE HOMEMADE COMPANY: We are a Marketing Support Company, who understands Home based Businesses. We understand sometimes you just need an extra pair of eyes, or a second professional opinion, and sometimes you need someone to go away and to do a great job marketing your company leaving you time to run your business. We promise to listen to you and deliver what you need.

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