From Corporate High Flyer to Work Life Balance

Jan Osmond has always considered herself one of the lucky ones because, all through her career, she has loved her work but looking back at her corporate life she wishes there was one thing she had known from the start — work/life balance is not a myth!

Jan was always reaching for the stars – even when she started as a secretary in London, she was looking for the next challenge and when, as Director of an internationalInvestment Bank in Sydney, she really thought she’d arrived.

When you talk to her, she makes it sound fun and exciting – but Jan  admits it has not always been an easy road.  Her role required working long hours with extensive travel and business entertaining.  While sounding glamorous, being away from your family, spending time in a foreign country on your own and traveling from the airport to the hotel to an office  can be lonely. As Head of the Asia Pacific region for a business sector of the Bank, she was motived and inspired to work the long hours the role demanded and she saw every business trip as an opportunity to really get to know other cultures.

With the GFC still ringing in our ears and constant press about more difficult times to come, Jan knows the murmurs of hiring freezes, lean years, redundancies and restructures that are bandied about now are all too reminiscent of her corporate life.

But unlike some who are the victims of that, Jan chose to take the leap into her own business, inspired by seeing what was happening for those she worked with and passionate about doing something to help.

Since doing that, Jan has been able to see life through a different lens and is now helping others to find the keys to the seemingly mythical work life balance.  She’s even in the process of writing a book about it.  Her soon to be published e-book: “7 Simple Strategies To Create A Balanced Life” will help those who are “career challenged” to find ways to achieve elusive balance.

Jan now runs workshops for those wishing to balance corporate life with family life and for people who struggle with finding their own proper balance.

A combination of her own self-discovery along with the success her clients’ experience, Jan was inspired her to create this six week introductory course designed to help participants learn to make changes in their lives, effectively manage stress and create more balance in their lives.

Jan’s next course starts on Monday, 18th June at the HHC Gravity Studio, Level 2, Ashton House, 66 Spit Road, Mosman (corner Spit Road and Ourimbah Road, above A Taste of India) and runs for six weeks from 7.30pm to 9.30pm each week for a total cost of $299.  For more information, email:, telephone (02) 8006 9224, mobile: 0423 989 651 or book and pay online:

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