Free Inspiring Online Journey: 30 Days of Greatness for Women

“Greatness, it’s just like when you have something precious and valuable and you put it in a safe place, yet sometimes that place is so safe that even you forget where it is. Sometimes we cloud our mind, body and spirit with the external world that we forget where our Greatness is.”

Monica Kade is the next Generation’s Inspirational Speaker and mentor for connecting women to their inner strength and higher Self. This June she’s offering the fantastic opportunity to benefit from her inspiring online Greatness program for FREE!

“I so deeply want women to realise they are beautiful, they are great, they are amazing – each and every one of them, just as they are, they really don’t need to be anyone else.”

Having faced major challenges with self image, self worth and life purpose, and having now stepped into her true Self, Monica is out sharing her journey. This journey formed the basis of her personally developed philosophy of the Big 4, which is about going within and connecting to the answer already in you. Her 30 days of Greatness in June will give you a generous offering of the Big 4 and a wonderful journey of self discovery and growth.

“I am at a point now where I am strong enough to talk about this and the challenges I went through…… I just want to contribute to the evolution of how we as woman are seen and grow up and go through life.”

Find out more about Monica and her programs by clicking here…

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