How to Make Your Resume Stand Out From The Crowd

If you want to convert your 15 seconds of fame into an in-person interview at the company of your choice, include a summary statement at the opening of your resume.
A well-written summary statement tells the Recruiter/Hiring Manager how your experience and skill set will help their company solve a particular challenge, become more profitable or efficient, or break into or further penetrate target markets. In other words, it will make them want to read the rest of your resume and consider you for the opportunity. The best summary statements generally are no more than three to five sentences long and show that you clearly understand the role you’re applying for.Statements in particular are useful in the following cases:Executive or Experienced Candidates: If you have “been in business” for a while and have taken on a variety of challenges, and even if you have depth in one discipline, it’s still helpful to know your elevator pitch. An experienced executive will be able to make a pithy statement about top-level skills.Career Changers: If you are trying to reposition yourself from one discipline to another, you should explicitly state the skill sets that are directly transferable.

Excel Career Specialists help you to put your best foot forward in an interview situation.  If you need help in writing your ‘elevator pitch’ for your resume contact Amanda Hubbard at Excel.

EXCEL Career Specialists offer a range of services to help remove the uncertainly that you are feeling.  We will guide you to make smart, informed career choices and will provide you with the tools to make it happen.We can assist you to clarify your skills, values and interests – as well as provide you with insight into how your behaviour makes a direct impact on your career choices and job satisfaction.
Career development and job search services include:

      Enhancing your resume preparing you for interviews
      Identifying transferable skills, core strengths and developmental areas
      Suggesting occupations and relationships that align with your values
      Improving your communication skills and personal effectiveness in interviews and through networking
      Identifying the obstacles you face, and the ways you can overcome them
      Improving self-confidence and self-esteem
      Setting clear goals for where you want your career to go then coaching you to get there
      Putting together a clear plan to ensure your approach to the job market is a positive experience

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