Effective Job Searching in 6 Easy Steps!

1. Assess Yourself

A good job search begins with a thorough self assessment. Looking for a new job is a great opportunity to realign your goals. It’s up to you to articulate what those goals are. Start by asking yourself these questions and spend some time reflecting on the answers:

  • What are my values?
  • What guides me as I make my decisions?
  • Is it a need to make a difference or make big dollars, be the centre of attention or help others?
  • What are my priorities and objectives for the next few years or five years from now?
  • What are my key strengths and weaknesses?
  • What provides meaning in my life?
  • What is my purpose?
  • Where does work fit into my vision of life?

2. Research Your Career Goals

Once your purpose has been established, we recommend some research to keep your career dreams aligned with reality. Broadly explore industries, jobs and organisations to generate your job options wish list. Consider these questions as you research careers:

  • What product or service does this industry offer?
  • Who are the major players and industry leaders?
  • What are the critical success factors for a company in the industry?
  • What is the outlook and hiring potential for this industry?
  • What type of talent does the industry attract, hire and need?

3. Layout Your Plan

Narrow your job options wish list based on a realistic assessment of how you fit into the industries, organisations and positions that interest you. Determine your top priorities together with those you want to pursue as a backup plan. Focus on a maximum of two or three industries and 10-20 organisations. Choose another 10 organisations for your backup plan.

4. Develop an Effective Self Marketing Strategy

It’s time to market your number-one product … you! To help plan your marketing strategy, think of yourself in terms of the classic marketing 5Ps:

  1. Product: What do you have to offer? What key skills and attributes can you offer your “customers” (i.e. potential employers)?
  2. Price: What is your value in the marketplace? Does your educational background, experience, and professional strengths qualify you as a premium product something elite, or will you need to start “discounted” to get your foot in the door of your targeted industry?
  3. Promotion: What themes or messages convey what you have to offer professionally?
  4. Place: How will you distribute yourself on the market? Consider using multiple means of “delivering” yourself to potential employers. This could include on-campus recruiting events, job ads, career expos, company websites, executive recruiters and referrals from your network.
  5. Positioning: What differentiates you from other candidates? What is unique about your skills, background or interests?

5. Job Interview Preparation

Informational interviewing is also good practice for the real thing. Performing mock interviews and videotaping them is another way to practice and get feedback. Develop at least three questions for each interview. It’s also a good idea to begin thinking about your compensation strategy now. Understand the components of compensation (what can be negotiated), the tangibles and intangibles, the must-haves of your compensation package, minimum take-home pay, and how to create a win-win situation between you and your prospective employer.

6. Implement your Plan and Make Adjustments along the way

It’s time to put your well-laid plans into action. Work your network to spread the news of your job search. Continue asking for more contacts. Conduct informational interviews. Research job postings and send out resumes with tailored cover letters.

Author: Monique Thompson, Director and Senior Résumé Writer & Career Coach at 1300 Resume

1300 Resume ABOUT 1300 RESUME: 1300 Resume Pty Ltd is the leading provider of professional resumes, job applications and career coaching services for clients throughout Australia.  Monique Thompson is the Director, Senior Résumé Writer & Career Coach, offering a wealth of expertise since 1995 in the career marketing and recruitment industry, servicing clients remotely and achieving an overall 98% success rate for clients.  Having established an exceptional industry reputation and the achievement of unprecedented business growth, 1300 Resumes Pty Ltd was registered as an Australian company in 2011.

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  1. kish1820 says:

    Great article! Thanks for sharing I’ve been reading a lot of blogs and articles about job searching and this one is one of the most informative, also I find career confidential helpful if you’re looking for a great job.

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