New Programme Highlights Importance of Work Experience for Gen Y

TODAY kicks off the start of “1000 Jobs in 1000 Hours” – Australia’s highly-anticipated drive to raise the awareness of the importance of work experience for the young.

With the backing of the NSW Department of Education, 1000 Jobs aims to help place 1000 young Australians across the country into new work experience jobs over the next three months.

A recent survey conducted by part-time job board HireMeUp found that teenagers are finding a lack of experience the biggest inhibitor to getting a job, but with work experience programs slowly disappearing, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult for young adults to get the experience they need to not only compete for jobs but decide on a suitable career path.

“People are really quick to judge Gen Y,” said Fiona Anson, Co-Founder of HireMeUp. “But the truth is, they’re no different to how we were at their age – asked to make huge decisions with not a lot of information. We hope “1000 Jobs in 1000 Hours” will encourage more employers to remember what it was like when they were about to embark on their career and take the opportunity now to provide the guidance and support that is so valuable to a young person’s future.”

The campaign is open to young adults aged 15-to-25 across the country.  During the 1000 Hour countdown, HireMeUp will match the best candidates with the best work experiences and announce the placements on the 11th of June. The work experience, generally a two-week opportunity, can take place anytime after 18 June.

“We’re really trying to reach out to employers who will educate and inspire the young adults they work with and give them a two week immersion in their business – not just waste the kids’ time by having them practice their ‘go fetch’ skills,” Anson said.

The campaign has already begun building with big name companies like SurfStitch, Austereo, PeepToe Shoes and others already pledging to offer work experiences.

“SurfStitch is a brand that is supported by, predominantly, Gen Y and we’re big believers in supporting them so we’re delighted to offer the opportunity to get experience in our industry”, says Sue Cuthbertson from SurfStitch. 

“1000 Jobs in 1000 Hours” is a national Not-for-Profit campaign and employers and job seekers in all states are invited to become part of the campaign via the website.

Partnering with part-time job board HireMeUp to deliver the campaign is the WPC Group, a non profit recruitment agency, and The MindArc Digital Agency.

General Manager of WPC, Daniel Cairns, said, “WPC Group are proud and excited to be partnering in the 1000 Jobs campaign. Providing real work experience opportunities will greatly assist young people arrive at one of their biggest life decisions – what to do when they finish school. Youth unemployment is a great deal higher than the national average but by assisting so many young people make more informed and educated career decisions, the positive impact will greatly assist retention rates and industry engagement.”

To register interest in participating in one of the many work experience opportunities on offer or offer a work experience opportunity call 1300 972 428 or go to

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