It’s HireMeUp’s 1st Birthday!

Anyone remember our old look with what we affectionately refer to as our "green little man?!"

One year ago today went live! And what a year it’s been! From Fiona and I having a simultaneous epiphany one day about a job board that made it easy to find work that fits into your life to creating the job board of our dreams (with no programming/recruitment experience, mind you!) we’re very proud.

Let’s face it, the way of the working world is changing and with some potentially rough times ahead for the employment sector as unemployment is predicted to rise, part time is essential for businesses who need staff but not full time and for workers who need the additional income or flexibility that part-time work provides.

Part-time is an essential part of the job market that is only going to strengthen and grow. In fact, just last month market research firm IBIS World reported that over the past five years, part-time employment grew 2.8% per annum, while full-time employment grew just 1.5% per annum and they predict that trend will continue in the same fashion for the next five years. And we couldn’t agree more. Having our ear to the ground about changes in the workforce landscape, we’re finding that the growth of part time is serious and, at HireMeUp, we’re proud to be the first job site that truly takes part time seriously.

This first year has certainly had it’s ups (fresh new branding, billboards, radio interviews, partnerships with Hollywood blockbusters, fantastic alliance partners and unbelievable support from both employers and jobseekers alike…) and it’s downs (November hacker scare with nasty buggers piggy-backing on our traffic!), but we wouldn’t trade it for anything. We love what we do every day and every day is a thrill. It’s a wonderful thing! You see, we believe that work should be one of your passions in life and we’re passionately committed to spreading the word about how you can do that.

So much so that it’s the subject of our soon to be released book and, with that, the release of our our iPhone app, more and more employers coming on board and our latest additions to the team, Natasha & Tiffany, our resident Career Concierges”>Career Concierges with 20+ years in the recruitment/HR industry, we can’t wait to see what Year #2 brings!

We will continue to work hard to bring you the best part-time jobs and the best quality candidates.

As a “thank you” for your support, we’re celebrating with a week of $1 job ads and $1 resume reviews! Simply email “Happy Birthday, HireMeUp” before Friday to to secure your deal!

Today also kicks off the official launch of our highly-anticipated “1000 Jobs in 1000 Hours”. This campaign marks our commitment to Gen Y (something else we’re passionate about) and helping them to find careers that they love.

With the backing of the NSW Department of Education, 1000 Jobs aims to help place 1000 young Australians across the country into new work experience jobs over the next three months.

The campaign has already begun building with Surfstitch, Austereo, PeepToe Shoes and others already pledging to offer work experiences. Partnering with us is the WPC Group, a non-profit recruitment agency, and MindArc Digital Agency.

To register interest in a work experience or offer a work experience opportunity go to

Looking forward to bigger and better things to come in Year #2!

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