“1000 Jobs in 1000 Hours” — Help Aussie Kids Get Real Work Experience

Take a minute and think about your own career path. Is yours straight and narrow or more winding? At what age did you actually decide what you wanted to be when you “grew up?” Do you even know now?

Many of us have gone onto very different careers from the ones that we chose when we left school. Why? Because, perhaps, they just didn’t turn out to be what we expected or we didn’t know the options that were available.

Wouldn’t it have been great to have some “real world” experience before we made some of those choices. Perhaps they might have circumvented some unnecessary career changes for us down the road. Well that’s what HireMeUp’s “1000 Jobs in 1000 Hours” campaign is all about.

We think it’s about time someone said, “C’mon Aussie businesses — Get behind Aussie kids!” So with the support of the NSW Department of Education and Communities and businesses around the country, “1000 Jobs in 1000 Hours” is the highly-anticipated campaign leading the charge to promote awesome work experiences for Aussie kids in Australia.

We all have a responsibility to the future generations to teach them about the working world, instill the values and work ethic that we want to see continued and to help them find a career path that suits their personality and talents. What better way than to take a mere two weeks and impart your knowledge and experience while offering guidance that could leave an indelible mark on a young person’s working life?

With a recent survey conducted by HireMeUp stating that teenagers are finding a lack of experience the biggest inhibitor to getting a job, we believe that it’s time that someone got behind the initiative to get teenagers the experience they need.


The Numbers

The numbers say it all. A recent survey by HireMeUp conducted through social media sites Facebook and Twitter, and to Australian teenagers gave the following results:-

39.1% of Australian teenagers found their work experience placements through school
43.4% of participants said that they found their work experience placement through friends and/or parents
69.6% of participants said that their work experience placement gave them relevant experience in their chosen industry
78.3% of participants said that their work experience placement gave them relevant skills
87% of participants were happy with their work experience position.

With these results, it is safe to assume that the work experience model provides much needed and necessary opportunities for young Australians to gain the skills and experience to enable them to enter the workforce well prepared and informed.


C’mon Aussie businesses — It’s time to get behind the next generation!

You see, people are really quick to judge the youth of today. Gen X and Y are consistently being labelled the “me” generation. Yet the truth is, they’re no different to how we were at their age – asked to make huge decisions with not a lot of information.

But this generation have a HUGE amount to offer.

Brought up with technology being “the way things get done” they bring a fresh, new “Noughties” perspective to business and an enthusiasm that only comes with their stage of life. And we believe that we, as their parents and role models, owe it to them to help them become the best they can be and find a career doing something they love.

The goal is to find 1000 employers countrywide prepared to offer 1000 kids a two-week work opportunity to take place sometime before the end of 2012 — within 1000 hours. And, rather than putting the focus on grades or course levels, we’re encouraging employers to choose their work experience-ers based on raw talent and attitude.

Justin Herald, 1000 Jobs 2012 Spokesperson

Justin Herald, the “Attitude” Maverick and 1000 Jobs spokesperson said:

“I am 100% committed to assisting the next generation with preparing them for the workforce. As someone who only passed Lunch time at school, I needed all the help I could get but had to work it out myself. That is why I have chosen to support 1000 jobs. If more employers saw the potential influence they also had on the next generation of employees, what a great country we will have. Instead of complaining about the next generation, let’s take a role in shaping them!”

1000 Jobs in 1000 Hours is launching on 1st March, 2012. From that date:

  • Job seekers aged 15-to-25 can register to apply for work experience positions once the 1000 hour countdown kicks off 1st May.
  • Employers can register to offer one (or hopefully more than one!) work experience position to our job seekers.
  • Youth can register to find out how work experience can help your career prospects and get more valuable information about finding placements, how to get the most from the opportunity and what to do with it afterward.
  • Parents can register to find out more about the 1000 jobs project and how we can help their kids get vital resume, work and life experience.
  • Schools can register to find out more about becoming involved in the 1000 Jobs Project.
  • Businesses can register to find out more about becoming a 1000 Jobs Sponsor/Supporter (there are levels for all company sizes!)

If you’d like to know how you can get involved — either as an employer or a sponsor/supporter — click here to view our eBrochure….


Our Social Responsibility

As a not-for-profit initiative, all sponsorship money raised will go towards running and promoting the campaign in addition to donating a percentage to the Oasis Youth Support Network.

Wholly impressed by the people and their mission, HireMeUp has decided to continue our support of the Oasis Pathways Program (OPP), a fantastic workplace preparation course specially developed to cater for the needs of socially disadvantaged young people (aged  16-to‐25  years)  who  are  at  risk  of  long‐term  exclusion  from  the  labour  market  due  to  a  lack  of  appropriate  education   and  training.

Combining  life  skills,  personal  development,   social  activities  and  accredited work  readiness  training, OPP aims to gain momentum in a young person’s life, create opportunities  for  learning   important  life  skills,  building  self  confidence  and  necessary  work  readiness  skills  in  anticipation  of  being   introduced  into  the  workforce.

Participants  graduate  from  Pathways  with  a  certificate  of  completion  and  a  real job  offered  by  business   partners  such  as  Woolworths,  Australand  and  Mirvac.   In  addition,  Oasis  Employment  Coaches  provide   support  for  6  months  following  the  job  placement  to  ensure  a  successful  transition  into  working  life.


Visit www.1000jobs.com.au to find out more about the campaign and register to keep up with it’s development. And show your support by “Liking” 1000 Jobs on Facebook and spreading the word!



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