Honorable Mention for HireMeUp in Cool Company Awards

The 2011 Cool Company Awards were announced at the end of 2011 and we’re
chuffed to receive one of only three “Honorable Mentions” in the category for Online Business.

While we knew that it was probably a little too early for us to throw our hat in the ring, we do know the value of being included in awards such as these so imagine our surprise to be one of three “Honorable Mentions” in our category.  No strangers to winning awards for business (in our “previous business life”) we thought we’d at least create a bit of noise to let the organisers know that we’re serious contenders for next year.

Buoyed by the great feedback we consistently get that we’ve hit on a much needed, and under-serviced, niche, we brazenly stuck our necks out and entered – then precisely forgot all about it as we rushed headlong into the silly – and busy –  season.

To get the notification of the Honorable Mention was a thrill and we’ve determined to make an even bigger impact next year.

Our congratulations to go Stuckonyou.com.au, the winners in the Online Business Category.  If you have kids, check out their great lines of funky kids labels as well as their other labelling solutions

And keep your eye out for us in next years competition.  Our thanks to Anthill Online Magazine (www.anthillonline.com.au) for the recognition and for being so cool themselves when it comes to information, support and ideas for Australian businesses.  You guys rock!

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