Onwards & Upwards in 2012!

HireMeUp’s first year is coming to a close and we couldn’t be prouder of what we’ve achieved or more excited for what lies ahead!

Billboards, radio interviews, partnerships with Hollywood blockbusters… the atmosphere has been electric at the offices of HireMeUp! With our iPhone app in development, a book underway and some big international employers about to come on board, it just keeps gettin’ better! (Christina Aguilera anyone?)

We will continue to work hard to bring you the best part-time jobs and the best quality candidates throughout the new year. One of our exciting items on our “To Do” list is a campaign we’re calling “1000 Jobs in 1000 Hours” which will be an initiative launched early next year in which we hope to place 1000 eager young adults throughout Australia in 2-week work experience roles within 1000 hours.

But as we prepare to celebrate the end of 2011 and the fresh start of 2012, we, of course, can’t help but reflect back to where we were a year ago.

From the moment the idea for a jobsite designed specifically for the part-time market first sparked, we knew we were on to something not only unique but needed. Now sitting here a year later looking back at all of the late nights, learning curves, highs and lows, we’re even more convinced HireMeUp is destined for greatness thanks to everyone who has offered us their support.

Let’s face it, the way of the working world is changing and with some potentially rough times ahead for the employment sector as unemployment is predicted to rise, part time is essential for businesses who need staff but not full time and for workers who need the additional income part-time work provides.

Part-time is an essential part of the job market that is only going to strengthen and grow. And, at HireMeUp, we’re proud to be the first jobsite that truly takes it seriously.

We hope you’ll continue to watch us grow and improve in 2012 – and spread the word!

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