Taking Action: May Feel Bad, But It’s Good For Us!

I have seen some absolutely brilliant, talented, intelligent and good-natured people fail in their careers and business. I have then seen “Average” people really succeed beyond their wildest dreams and achieve amazing things in their businesses!

There are often quite a few reasons, but what it often comes down to is how much people can handle doing things “They Don’t Want To Do”. I know this sounds obvious – but let’s face it, if we want to achieve something in our lives – then quite often we have to do things that may “hurt” at the time but are good for us in the long run!

There was a time when I was unemployed for a while (before I had a business). Any logical person would know that the solution to being unemployed would be to get a job. However, if any of you have had trouble finding a job, you know that it can take a lot of work and be a very painful process!


The trick is that the Rejection and Pain is part of the process and it can really hurt, but it is good for us! Even in our own businesses as well – dealing with rejection is a key part of it (be it from banks, clients or suppliers) and the “NO, NO, NO, YES” process is very common!

And even though the “NO’s” may hurt at the start, as we get better – the NO’s lose their intensity and become part of the process.

The other common example is running 10km, it can be completely inconceivable at the start, but after lots of training – it can become fairly standard and even quite enjoyable!

Where extreme positive thinking goes wrong is when it tries to get us to “distort” what reality means so that we don’t actually accept that stuff hurts and we pretend it’s all easy when it’s really not.

The trick is to accept that when we embark on something new, it is going to be unfamiliar and many of the actions will “Feel Bad, But Are Good For Us”.

However if we stick to it, it will start to “Feel Good” and then we get the results we want in a fun manner!

So if you are doing lots of things right now that “Feel Bad, But Are Good For You” well done! Keep it up!


Author: Edward Zia, Excellence Above Coaching

Edward Zia is the hardworking Director and Owner of Excellence Above Coaching. Being the Proud Owner of his business, he goes the extra mile to ensure his Clients are Happy and achieving great results from the Coaching & Mentoring Services. Edward has worked for over a decade in a range of Key Marketing & Management Roles. His experience ranges from Small to Large Corporate experience, but after years in this space he has fallen in love with Small Businesses.

Find out more about Excellence in Coaching services here.

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