How to Post Part-Time Jobs on & Bonus Features



Need the perfect part-timer for your business?

Then welcome to HireMeUp!

Since you’re watching this video, I’m guessing you’re looking for part time, casual, temp or contract help for your business.

Perhaps you need someone with specific skills – like a professional graphic artist?  Or maybe you need admin help but want someone who’s got experience and can slot right in quickly and efficiently.  Maybe you need some clerical or process workers to handle a one-off overload.

And maybe you only need these people for a day, a week, or a few days or weeks, or from time to time.

Well, if any of that fits, you’re in the right place – because we, like you, know that sometimes full time just doesn’t work.

HireMeUp was created to fill that need – for both you and for job seekers.  And we’re Australia’s fastest growing job website for part time, casual, temporary and contract positions.

What makes HireMeUp unique, globally in fact, is that not only can you search for job seekers with the specific skills and experience you need, but you can also search the  specific times, days and hours you want them.
Let’s say that you only need someone to work Mondays and Tuesday, or afternoons, or during school hours or on a weekend.   On HireMeUp, you can be that specific.

With our unique JobMatchmaker service, you can search for people who can accommodate the hours, times and days you want and, of course, with the specific skills and experience you need.  Exactly.

We’re not like any other site out there.  With a list of features aimed to make your job of finding the perfect worker anything but work, using HireMeUp makes it easy.

As a registered Employer, not only can you list part time, casual, temp and contract jobs,  you can also browse through our huge database of job seekers to find people, skills and availability that match your needs exactly.

You can search just when you need someone – or have an account that allows you to store your search preferences and then search with one click.  And if you need staff regularly, you can even have resumes automatically whenever jobseekers meets your criteria.  Daily, weekly or monthly.  You choose.

You can view resumes, rate them and note comments on them, save and forward them and even send personal messages to jobseekers.

And because we know your time is precious we’ve even added a screening facility so that you don’t waste time on jobseekers that don’t meet your meet requirements.  Our applicant screening questionnaire can be attached to one – or all – of your jobs and customised to filter out those applicants that just don’t fit so that you don’t spend hours wading through unsuitable resumes.

And for your jobs, you can upload short descriptions for simple jobs or additional information – even video – for more specific roles. You can even post a profile for your company so that applicants get a feel for what you’re about.

You can have multiple users from your office use your account, and you can set what they can and can’t do in the system.  You can post jobs as featured or urgent, activate and de-activate and re-active listings and keep tabs on your applications – all from one simple back end screen.

And so much more.

We’ve got packages to suit every size business.  HireOne for casual job advertising, HireMore for unlimited monthly listings and HirePlus for your HR team – and all at incredibly affordable rates.

Whether it’s a part time corporate executive, a casual for ad-hoc work, a tradesperson for a one-off job, or a temp to fill in for school holidays, if it’s not full time HireMeUp has it covered.

We have a large and ever expanding database of great jobseekers registering daily across all industries and skill levels.

Temp staff, professionals, volunteers, envelope stuffers, executives, babysitters, personal assistants, personal trainers, clerical staff, retail staff, promoters, baristas, DJs, consultants, carpenters – you name it. HireMeUp is all-encompassing. If it’s anything other than full time, it’s on HireMeUp.

Register now for your Free Employer Account and let us know about the HireMeUp experience.

We look forward to having you on board!



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