HireMeUp – Big, Bold and Beautiful on Sydney CBD Railway Stations

If you’re a frequent traveller around the Sydney Rail Network, keep an eye out for HireMeUp’s new billboards on your railway platform!

With large format ads on Wynyard, Central and Town Hall stations, as well as being on the airwaves on 9 Sydney and Melbourne radio stations, HireMeUp is well and truly getting our name out there.

We’re making a splash on the part-time job scene and trying to shake things up a bit.  And with a whole host of promotions coming up, if you haven’t seen us “out and about” you soon will!

Carrying on our new theme with time, our ads feature all styles of watches – ladies, mens, mums, dads, students and kids – with the message that jobs need to fit in with our time.  We really do believe in a work/life balance.

Over the next few months, we’ll be expanding our campaigns into other states and areas so keep a look out. We’d also love to hear your stories about how your job needs to fit into your life.

Simply send us an email with your stories, your pic (if you’d like) and what kind of watch suits your life and, who knows, you, or it, may even feature in our next round of ads!

Tell us what you think and where you spot us.  As always, we love your feedback and need it to make HireMeUp even better for you.

Central Station, Platform 25

Click here for more photos…

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