HireMeUp and the Part-Time Market – Growing in Leaps and Bounds!

With the successful launch of newly-developed HireMeUp.com.au and the latest ABS Labour Report continuing to illustrate the rise in the part-time workforce, co-founder  Fiona Anson believes that there are number of contributing factors.

“We believe that there are three main sectors contributing to this rise.  Firstly there’s the baby boomers who, thanks to the GFC, now find themselves with reduced superannuation savings.  Many of them are now looking to move from full-time work to part time rather than retiring altogether.  Secondly, there are working families, predominantly working mums, who are heading to the part-time workforce in droves to supplement family incomes because of the rising costs of living.  And finally, we’re seeing a lot more students working around their class timetables as a way of supplementing their education and living costs.”

Overriding all of this, Anson believes, is the trend towards more work/life balance which reflects a preference of part time rather than full-time work.

The “Greed is Good” mentality of the ’80s and ’90s is well and truly yesterday’s mindset.  Now it’s all about work/life balance,” she says.  “You only have to look at the lifestyle liftouts of the weekend papers to see a myriad of articles about how to balance work and life.”

Anson, a working mum herself, and her co-founder Allison Baker, started the part-time jobsite HireMeUp.com.au because of a lack of focus by the major players on this specific and growing market segment.

“We’re from totally different generations – with a 20 year age gap between us, but we both choose to work part time.  Before we started the business both Alli and I were looking for part time work – Alli because of other work commitments and me because of family commitments.  There are places to find part-time jobs but you can spend hours trying to find ones that suit the days and times you have available.  We also had friends and clients feeling the same.  We thought that if we were having these problems so were the thousands of other people looking for part time, contract and casual work.  HireMeUp is simply an answer to the needs we had ourselves”, she says.

The needs of both are reflective of the demographics that each belong to.  Anson says that mothers like her are realising that life is all about balance and where, in the past, money was the key motivator, now it’s more about quality time.

Baker, too, likes the flexible option, values quality over quantity and sees herself of something of a “career contractor”.

And it’s obviously an assumption that’s being proven correct.  HireMeUp.com.au is growing daily in leaps and bounds both with job seeker registrations and job listings increasing rapidly on a daily basis.  “We’ve obviously hit on a nerve – and a niche that’s, up until now, been under-served,” says Baker.  “They say the best ideas are often borne out of need”, she says, “and, in our case that’s truly 100% correct.”

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