HireMeUp — An Introduction….



Welcome to HireMeUp!

HireMeUp is Australia’s fastest growing job website for part time and project positions.

HireMeUp was created because we know that sometimes full time just doesn’t work!

Launched in January, 2011, HireMeUp has quickly grown into a full service and in-demand website that puts together employers and people who are looking for part time, temp, casual and project positions.  In fact, anything other than full time.

Whether it’s a part-time corporate career, a position while the kids are at school or a second job to earn extra income, HireMeUp has it covered.

We have jobs in all industries and across all skill levels – from Project Managers and Sales Directors all the way through to data entry operators or envelopes stuffers.  If it’s not full time, it’s on HireMeUp.

So how did HireMeUp come about?  Well, sometimes the best ideas are born out of need. And that’s precisely how HireMeUp got its start.

In a flash of serendipity, business colleagues Allison Baker and Fiona Anson both found themselves looking for professional roles that would fit into their schedules while they were in between projects. But, like so many other people seeking part-time or casual work, they were left wanting by the mainstream job resources available to them.
Not only that, but as consultants, too many times both had heard their clients talk about wanting to get good staff but only needing them part time.

Frustrated by the void in the market, the two decided it was about time someone created a place where job seekers and employers could meet to match needs. Thus, HireMeUp was born.

What makes HireMeUp unique globally is that both employers and job seekers can not only search for specific roles and locations but they can also search for the specific times, days and hours they want.

Let’s say that you can only work Mondays and Tuesday, or afternoons, or while the kids are in school – or, as employer, you need someone on Thursdays and Fridays – but only mornings.  On HireMeUp, you can be that specific.

Whatever the mix, HireMeUp allows you to put in your specific needs and our JobMatchmaking does the matching for you.

HireMeUp doesn’t try to be all things to all people. Rather we specialise in finding the perfect people for the perfect jobs — for when full time just doesn’t work.

Whether for a day, a week, a month or a year, HireMeUp aims to help connect people seeking flexible positions with employers looking to fill exactly the same. From students looking for work experience to mums and dads looking for part-time work while the kids are in school.

From corporate executives looking for flexible hours corporate careers to full-timers looking for a casual job to help supplement their income.

Temp staff, professionals, volunteers, envelope stuffers, executives, babysitters, personal assistants, personal trainers, clerical staff, retail staff, promoters, baristas, DJs, consultants, carpenters – you name it. HireMeUp is all-encompassing. If it’s anything other than full time, it’s on HireMeUp.

For more information about how HireMeUp can help you contact us on mail@hiremeup.com.au or visit our website: www.hiremeup.com.au.

We look forward to having you on board.

2 Responses to “HireMeUp — An Introduction….”
  1. Urban Tiger says:

    I too am a DJ myself and I am never surprised as what can be accepted as professional DJ work. I recently attended a corporate event and not only was the pimply head kid off his face he was abusive and did not listen to any requests (not until security removed him) I honestly believe everyone in the room was offended. Sorry think I just had a rant! Nothing to do with whats happening here. Thanks for your thoughts

    DJ\’s Melbourne

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