Latest Labour Force Report: August 2011

As full time employment continues to fall, part-time employment climbs ever higher.

In their latest Labour Force Report, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) reported that Australia’s unemployment rate has risen to a worrying 5.3 per cent. The rise is due largely to a decrease in full time employment, which was slightly offset by an increase in part-time employment.

Now standing at just under 3.4 million, Australians employed in part-time work make up 30% of the workforce.

The ABS also released their quarterly Labour Force underutilisation rates which increased 0.1 pts to 12.2%.  In terms of seasonally adjusted estimates, the Labour Force underutilisation rate increased 0.1 pts to 12.3%. The male labour force underutilisation rate increased 0.3 pts to 10.5 % and the female labour underutilisation rate decreased 0.1 pts to 14.5 %.

Click here to see the ABS’ findings and previous Labour Force Reports…

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