Oasis Youth Support Network: A Cause Worth Running For…

In this year’s Blackmores Bridge Run, HireMeUp has chosen to dedicate our run to Oasis Youth Support Network. We visited their headquarters in Surry Hills, NSW, last week and were truly impressed with their passion and dedication to help in absolutely every way they can. The lengths the people at Oasis go to in order to give the teens and young adults that come to them every chance to succeed is inspiring to say the least.

From case management, counselling and job placement to legal advice and workplace training, Oasis aims to connect with young people affected by homelessness and provide them with the support and opportunities to move from the street to independent living and employment. For obvious reasons, we were really taken by their workplace preparation course, the Pathways Program.

The course combines life skills, personal development, and social activities with accredited work readiness training. Participants graduate from Pathways with a certificate of completion and a real job offered by business partners such as Woolworths, Australand and Mirvac. Oasis Employment Coaches provide support for 6 months following the job placement to ensure a successful transition into working life. Participants must be stable in their accommodation, legal matters and drug and alcohol issues to take part in this course.

Take a minute to watch the video below…

A total of 104,676 Australians are considered to be homeless and an alarming one third, or about 32,000, are homeless young people between the ages of 12 – 25. We’re hoping to raise at least $1000 for Oasis so they can, in turn, help more of Australia’s disadvantaged youth.

Please help us reach our goal by making a donation here:


Or if you’d like to join us for Blackmores Bridge Run on 18 September,

click here for more details.

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