Making a Genuine Difference While Earning a Living

You don’t have to watch the news to know that there are many issues facing the children and families of our world today. Unfortunately, global hunger and starvation continue to be one of the most prevalent and heart wrenching.  According to the UN, more than 18,000 children die daily from hunger. So, Jessica Phommaxaysy is making it her business to feed starving children and she’s looking for people to join her!

Mother of four, life is busy for Jessica but as she said “amazing”.

“Becoming a mum has really opened my heart to those who as less fortune then us,” Jessica said. “Earlier this year I was shown ‘The Network Giving Project’ which XanGo started in 2007. This project is a meal replacement (XanGo Meal Packs) program that is the first step out of extreme starvation. I have always wanted to sponsor a child but for whatever reason it never happened. But being part of this project enables me to feed hundreds of thousands of starving children.”

Jessica’s personal goal is to feed 1,000,000 starving children by the end of 2012.

Most meal packs require the addition of oil into their formulation, something that is often difficult to acquire in poverty stricken or war torn areas.  The XanGo Goodness Meal Pack is an innovative product formulation that meets basic nutritional needs by simply adding water.

A dry powder formulation for the severely malnourished, it helps to strengthen those who cannot properly digest solid food due to long periods of poverty, famine and other disasters. The XanGo proprietary formulation consists of: oat flour, sugar, non-fat dry milk, non dairy creamer, salt and *Vitamin/mineral Mix.

XanGo has partnered with AmeriCares to ensure the delivery of XanGo Meal Packs where they are most needed such as El Salvador, Ghana, Haiti, Kenya, Myanmar and Zimbabwe.  AmeriCares, follows uncompromising security procedures which assure that donated Meal Packs are delivered to the designated beneficiaries and not diverted. They have also committed to providing year-end summaries of all purchases made through the program so that Jessica and her team will each have a personal record of their Meal Pack purchases. To date, Jessica’s team has purchased 367 meals and she’s expecting that number to skyrocket soon.

XanGo is an American-based business that is well known in the U.S. and although it has been in Australia for several years now, not many people have heard of it.

This is the ultimate Pay-it-Forward Project and if you’d like to help Jessica reach her goal, here are a few ways you can get involved:

1. A once-off purchase of either 17 meals ($54) or 35 meals ($108). Please note, that these are the size of the packs available and you can purchase as many packs that you like.

2. An automatic monthly purchase of 17 meals, 35 meals or multiples of these amounts.

3. An automatic monthly purchase of a minimum of 35 meals and the ability to earn a residual income, by getting other companies or individuals to do the same. Maybe the residual income could be used to support other charities. Jessica uses hers to help support her family!

“XanGo is giving me the opportunity of doing well by doing good – how cool’s that!” Jessica said.

More about this amazing Work from Home opportunity:

If you’re a highly motivated, self-starter, Jessica would like you to join her in ‘The Network Giving Project’ and help her reach her goal of feeding 1 million children by 2012. This is a self-funded, home-based business that distributes meal packs to help starving children of the world. The more meal packs you buy and get others to buy, the more children will be fed and the more commission you will make. If you have an open mind and a genuine interest in making a difference, click here to find out more and to get in touch with Jessica.

Click here for a video about the Network Giving Meal Packs and the international XanGo movement…

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