Boost Sales By Getting Back to Marketing Basics

Over the years, I’ve worked with hundreds of businesses all looking for the latest, greatest marketing idea that will prove to be the magic key for boosting sales. Everyone is always asking me for “new” ideas for marketing. But the truth is, that there is nothing really new in marketing. Sure, there are new mediums like social media and new campaign styles like experiential but the equation is the same:  Identify your customer + Satisfy your customer (better than your competitor) = Keep your customer. 

Strategies and their effectiveness may wax and wane but the basics remain the same – keep your customer in the forefront of your mind at all times. There are hundreds of ways to generate leads for your business.  In fact, I recommend that a businesses use at least 15 lead generation techniques on an ongoing basis – and at once.

Most businesses use 1, perhaps 2 of these.  The really good ones use about 5.  But why not use them all and double, triple or quadruple the leads that you get and double, triple or quadruple your profits at the same time?

Pick up any good book on marketing and you’ll see a host of ideas for generating sales.  Advertising, direct mail, e-marketing, networking, demonstrations, seminars and workshops, social media, mail order, endorsements, publicity and telemarketing are all great ways to get new business. Yes, there is nothing all that new in the list – but how many are you using now?

Marketing is an integrated process that you should regularly evaluate based on the changes in your consumers, your business, your competitors, your industry, etc. Use direct mail that backs up your social media. Run a workshop that you promote on Twitter, review on Facebook and follow up with attendees afterward through email marketing. Schedule a series of ads that direct traffic to your website or online store which also promotes your social media platforms and encourages visitors to sign up for your newsletters. Integrate and coordinate!

Your activity level will dictate the level of your sales.  Sit back and wait for the business to come to you and you might be waiting a while. Actively engage in the marketing techniques available to you and you’ll find your customer base and your profits will grow.

Planning a great business and a well-coordinated marketing strategy takes simply that – planning.  Study what the great businesses have done – you’ll find that the basic formula is there – so duplicate it and then add your own, unique twist.  You’ll find that the most successful businesses use some very simple strategies, but they do them persistently.

If things are going well for you, look at what you’ve done in the past and do it again.  It sounds simple, but you’d be amazed how many businesses don’t repeat past successful campaigns. They’re waiting for the next new hot idea!

Also, make sure you give marketing efforts a fair amount of time to produce results. Depending on the strategy you’re undertaking, it can take days, weeks or months to see the effects. So don’t waste your time, effort and money by giving up too soon.

Talk to other businesses about what they do – what’s worked best for them – and try the same for yours. Or join a Business Mastermind Group (yes, Propel coaches regularly run them all over the place) and “brainstorm” your challenges and ideas with others.  You’ll be amazed at the profound but simple suggestions that come out of these.

Getting sales and profits up is not rocket science!  And it doesn’t take a lot of new ideas to do it.  Go back to the basics and make them work for you – because they do!

If you need some help brainstorming or developing a strategy that will work for your business, contact Propel Business Coaching.


Fiona Anson is the Co-Founder of as well as a partner in Propel Business Coaching. She has been the director of a business consultancy for over 15 years and was the CEO and marketing director of a business consulting franchise organisation for 5 years.  With a specialty of business-to-business marketing, Fiona has written several books on business growth, has written for most major newspapers and business magazines on an ongoing basis as Small Business Expert and was the resident small business makeover consultant for Channel 9’s Small Business Show.  During the past ten years, Fiona has been a keynote speaker at hundreds of industry, business group and marketing seminars, conferences and events both here and overseas.

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