Job Seeker Must Haves: Business Cards

As a business person, one of the most important tools of trade is your business card. There is talk of business cards being obsolete by the super tech savvy among us, but the truth is they’re not.

You can promise to find someone on LinkedIn or some other social media platform, or check out their website, Google them, etc but the truth is it just lowers you’re chance of re-connecting with that great person or lead you just met. What if you spell their name wrong or can’t find their website, profile or their email has changed and they haven’t updated their contact information? Business cards are still a key tool. And, as a job seeker, you may think you don’t need one.  But think again!

When going on interviews, having a business card – and handing it over – speaks volumes.  It says “I’m a professional at what I do”.  Regardless of whether you’re a CEO, a sales person, a secretary or a truck driver, you need a business card.

Even if you have nothing other than the words “Professional Secretary”, “Freelance Writer” or “Professional Driver”, you will have set yourself apart from most if not all of the other applicants by presenting a professional image.

We recommend that all Job Seekers have their own cards.  They should include your name, email, phone and a title.  On the back, you can list your skills, qualifications – or what you’re looking for. If any of your information changes easily, keep it more generic so you don’t have to update your card every time you change your phone number, title, objectives, and so on. Sometimes the simpler cards like the one shown above give the greatest impression because they’re clean, to the point and classic.

And they’re not only handy for interviews.  Have them on hand to give out whenever you meet people.  You never know when the perfect job opportunity might present itself!

Today, you can easily design your own cards online and have them in your hands in a matter of days. Click here for a great website that always has special offers, right now they’re offering free business cards for new customers. Can’t go wrong with that!

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