Mantras for Better Balance

Sometimes just saying a word or group of words out loud a couple of times can do wonders for your energy level. Whether you call them mantras, affirmations, mottos or quotes, we believe the phrases we’ve compiled below can be really useful tools in achieving better work/life balance.

Choose a phrase from our Top 10 Favourite Mantras for Better Balance below that speaks to you and repeat it several times a day or even just several times a week. Remember, balance is a personal journey. Pinpoint the aspects of your life that make you wobble and figure out what is causing your unsteadiness so you can counterbalance.

Are you a perfectionist who often finds yourself getting bogged down in details which in turn puts the brakes on progress? You might find that by repeating “Progress over Perfection” to yourself now and then will eventually help you let go of less significant aspects of your work or life in favour of moving forward.

If you’re a working mum who beats herself up for taking some “me time” out of the day, remind yourself “I know that living a balanced life includes taking time to do nothing at all.” Or, if you feel like a slacker when you don’t bring work home on the weekend or on your 10-day family holiday, repeat “Never get too busy making a living that you forget to make a life” every time you get a pang of guilt.

Using repetition to create new beliefs is a practice used throughout the world. So look through our Top 10 list and take step toward better balance today.

Top 10 Business & Balance Mantras

  • I have all the abilities I need to succeed.
  • I’m in charge of my mind and therefore in charge of my results.
  • There is no failure, only feedback.
  • Progress Over Perfection
  • Never get too busy making a living that you forget to make a life.
  • I live in the balance between peace and ambition.
  • I deserve to spend time enjoying my family.
  • I know that living a balanced life includes taking time to do nothing at all.
  • I regularly review the flow of my life, and make adjustments as required.
  • My day is a perfect equilibrium of reflection, recreation, and resolute purpose.

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