Tips & Tools for Finding Your Balance

Finding your balance is not easy. With this new section of the HireMeUp Wire, we hope to help you achieve balance in your life by passing on tips, tools and advice that can set you on the right path.

To kick start the new category, here are a few bits of advice for finding your balance.

  • Determine What’s Important to You – If you don’t know what your priorities are, how are you meant to find fulfillment? There are the obvious ones:
      • Family
      • Community
      • Finances
      • Mental state
      • Physical health
      • Career
      • Emotions
      • Spiritual life

    So start there. Rank these areas of your life by importance and try to remember it when you’re at a crossroads so you can focus on what matters most. For instance, if Family comes before Mental State and you’re the type that likes to have the house in order before you go to bed. Say, it’s 8pm, the house is a disaster, dishes in the sink, clothes on the floor, washing still on the line, you’re exhausted and your partner just wants to have some quiet time with you watching TV on the couch before going to bed. Remember, family ranks higher, go relax on the couch. The dishes can be done tomorrow. And, remember, we’re not all the same. Maybe Career comes before Family for you, if that works for you and your partner – more power to you. It’s about finding your balance. Not everyone fits into the same mould.

  • Learn to Say “No.” – We all learn it at a very early age, but many of us forget to use it as we get older. As much as we’d like to say “yes” to everyone that asks us for something, to help wherever we can, to avoid disappointing someone by turning them down, you have to remember that at the end of the day you’re only human and there is only so much one person can do in the 24 hours you’re given each day. Spreading yourself too thin doesn’t help anyone. Pick the bits that mean the most to you and do them well.
  • Let Go & Delegate – Everyone needs help from time to time. Weigh up your priorities and learn to let go. Many successful business people operate by the mantra: “Never do anything that someone paid less could.” Determine the value of your time and if there is a way of getting it done cheaper so that you have more time for more important things, then go for it! In business, this may mean hiring a part-timer to do data entry so you have more time for strategic planning. At home, this may mean hiring a cleaner to give the house a thorough scrub once every two weeks so you have more time to spend with the kids. Being hands on is a great thing, being controlling is not. Learn to let go a little and let life happen.
  • Own Your Balance – Don’t let external forces dictate how you balance your life – take charge! Many people let the fast pace of life sweep them up and take them wherever it will, but at any point you can choose to steer your own course. It’s not always possible to balance each day perfectly, but you can over the course of a week, a month, or a year. Often that means planning ahead rather than living each day as it comes, but you don’t have to be a “planner” per se. As long as you are consciously deciding how you spend your time, you’ll be more balanced than most.
  • Give Yourself a Break – You’ll never operate at your best level when you’re burned out, stressed and/or exhausted. Learn to give yourself a time out (and not feel guilty about it!) Everyone deserves a bit of “me” time and some people need more than others. We all re-charge our batteries differently but what’s important is that we all take the time to re-charge. It can feel self-indulgent to take an extra 15 minutes at lunch to go to the gym or take a walk, but you’ll be amazed at how much sharper and more productive you are because of it. Or, go spend the half an hour and $30 on a pedicure (men, you too!)

Life is what you make of it.

If you don’t do the things you enjoy, what’s the point?

Alli Baker is the Co-Founder of

For more tips and tools for finding balance, click on the corresponding category on the HireMeUp Wire home page. And please offer your own advice! We hope to cover absolutely everything related to the work/ life balance from prioritising your day and new tricks for multi-tasking to relaxation techniques, lunch time workouts and quick recipes for easy dinners.

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