How to Get the Most Out of Your Job Seeker Profile on HireMeUp

To get the very best experience on HireMeUp – and the most chance of success – here are some tips for putting yourself at the top of the list!

1. Make sure your profile is up to date and complete.

Employers are busy people – they don’t have time to wade through dozens and dozens of applicants with limited information. They will use keywords and specifics to find the perfect part timer so make sure your profile describes the type of work you’re looking for and says something about your skills and availability in detail.

2. Sell yourself!

If you’re not enthusiastic about yourself, an employer never will be. Listing a profile with just your name and “looking for work” simply won’t cut it. Your HireMeUp Job Seeker profile is two-part. The first part includes your profile headline and three bullet points – use these to grab the employer’s attention so that your profile stands out among the rest.

Example of Part 1 of a Job Seeker Profile on HireMeUp

3. Sing your own praises – loud and proud!

Don’t forget you’re competing for positions, so don’t hide your light under a bushel.

4. Be specific

Employers will search by days, hours, industries and availability, so be specific about what you’re looking for. After all, that’s what HireMeUp is all about! Make sure your profile lists the type of work you’re looking for, as well as the days, hours and times you’re available.

5. List your experience

If you’ve had experience in an industry or a role, state it. Employers are often looking for experienced people to fill short term positions. Even if you’re experience is just stuffing envelopes, include it! We DO get these jobs – so make it known that you’re good at it.

6. Most importantly, visit the site DAILY.

We get new jobs uploaded every day. While employers may find you, don’t sit around waiting. Be proactive and check daily – and sign up for our email alerts so that you get notified when jobs that match your preferences are listed.

If you haven’t already, use your login and password to update your profile now. And, when you’re on the site, remember to check for for new, featured and urgent job listings.

Good luck in your job hunt!

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