To Work Or Not To Work – Who’s Got It Right?



Study Shows Public Opinion Is Split

SYDNEY, 8 April 2011 – The argument continues for and against stay at home and working mums, according to the April survey of

Almost 60% of working mums say that they are accused of not taking parenting seriously enough whereas nearly 40% of stay at home mums say that they’ve experienced negativity about their decisions not to return to the workforce.

It seems that there’s no way to win this argument – regardless of how you slice it.  But there is one solution that might provide a happy medium.

Fiona Anson, working mum and co-founder of flexible jobs website,, says, “To work or not to work is a dilemma for all mums.  Whether you decide to work for the money, for the mental stimulation, for the company or for any other reason, it seems you’re left open to criticism as to your parenting dedication”.

But it seems that they stay at home mums don’t escape the criticism either.  “Interestingly, the survey shows that these gals also cop it – and from other mums!”

Anson has spent the 16 years of her son’s life as a working mum. “Luckily, I’ve always had my own businesses so have had the luxury of flexibility when it comes to working and my son’s needs.  Having said that, it’s still an emotional tussle sometimes, but I consider it the best of both worlds.”

The dilemma of many of her friends and colleagues was an instrumental motivation in starting HireMeUp.  “Flexible work practices solves a number of dilemmas.  You get happier staff who are more dedicated because they know how lucky they are to have a flexible job.  On top, it solves problems for employers who don’t want the expense of a full time employee.  And for the mum or dad who gets the job, they get the interaction and fulfillment of a career with the ability to work around their precious family time.”

“And if more employers embraced it, we might even solve some of the traffic problems in the major cities!”, she adds.

But HireMeUp doesn’t just provide jobs for parents.  “We’re finding that there are a lot of ex-corporates who are starting to realise the importance of the illusive work life balance,” Anson says. “ These people come with experience in spades and employers are slowly realising that there is an immense pool of talent out there from which they can draw for special projects or for just when they need them.” launched their full service website just this week and are already overwhelmed with the response.

It seems we’ve hit on a nerve.  We’re inundated with job seekers daily – and just as many employers looking for that “prefect part timer”.  Bring it on, we say!!


Fiona Anson is the Co-Founder of, a job website providing flexible work opportunities for job seekers and employers.

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