Let HireMeUp Help With Your Job Search!

Let HireMeUp Help With Your Job Search!

It’s no news flash that more and more people are struggling to achieve a better work life balance, but the truth is that it’s still that – a struggle.

Finding suitable flexible work is the big hurdle most people can’t seem to get over in order to strike that happy balance between work and life. Most job sites on the market put full-time work first and part-time a distant second, or they target a small, highly-specific segment of the workforce leaving others to their own devices. HireMeUp intends to eliminate that hurdle by providing a place where all job seekers and employers interested in flexible work options can connect to match needs.

From students looking for work experience to mums and dads looking for part-time work while the kids are in school. From corporate executives looking for flexible hours to full-timers looking for a casual job for some extra cash. If you’re looking for anything but full-time, HireMeUp can help.

Here’s a brief run down of all of our services available to job seekers searching for anything other than full time. For more information or to request our media kit, send us an email at mail@hiremeup.com.au.

  • Our custom-designed “Job Matchmaker” search lets you input your most exacting job preferences – the days, hours, even time of day that you want to work – and get a list of job ad results that match your criteria as closely as possible.
  • Cut down on the hours you spend trolling through job ads by signing up for our Matchmaker email alerts that automatically sends the latest job ads matching your preferred search criteria straight to your inbox.
  • Build you own job seeker profile specifying exactly what you offer to employers and what sort of work you’re looking for so registered employers can find you.
  • Are you self-employed? Post a profile to advertise your skills to potential new clients.
  • Post a brief portfolio and up to 5 CVs (we know your skills and experience don’t always fit neatly into one job type!)
  • Get job seeking tips and advice like how to find authentic work at home opportunities.
  • Access career-enhancing events and opportunities such as training courses, seminars, workshops and seminars.


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