Employers/Advertisers: What HireMeUp Can Do For You

Employers/Advertisers: What HireMeUp Can Do For You

Research shows that the Australian part-time workforce is booming. With steady growth throughout the last three decades, there has been a surge in the proportion of people employed part time since the turn of the century. According to the ABS, there are over 170,000 Australians looking specifically for part-time work and many of them are skilled. Add that to the barely tapped market of women aged 25-44 who choose not to work because there simply aren’t enough flexible work options available to them, there is a huge pool of people just waiting for the right opportunity. Now with the launch of HireMeUp.com.au, there’s a place where flexible employers can connect with part-time workers to match needs.

Here’s a brief rundown of what HireMeUp offers employers and advertisers. For more information or to request our media kit, email us on advertise@hiremeup.com.au.


  • As the new kid on the block, HireMeUp can afford to undercut every major competitor so list your job ads in our online directory for a great rate and advertise to a targeted database of job seekers of all skill levels and experiences looking for flexible work
  • Upgrade your job ads to “featured” or “urgent” and get immediate attention
  • Save yourself the time and money it takes to list a job ad and sort through applications by using our custom-designed “Job Matchmaker” search. Input your most exacting employee preferences and get a list of results that match your criteria as closely as possible.
  • Promote your business to job seekers constantly with our employer profiling unsolicited jobs service.

Service Providers

Do you provide much-needed business services?  Promote your business to the thousands of companies on our database and who visit our website by posting a permanent profile on HireMeUp and have new clients contacting you.

Event Organisers & Training Companies

Promote your upcoming event or training courses and facilities to our extensive database of job seekers and employers. Post an ad on our site or advertise directly to employers and job seekers via our e-newsletters.

Charities & Non-Profits

Are you a non-profit always in need of volunteers or students seeking work experience? Do you regularly have charity events that need staffing or fundraising promotions that require a lot of manpower? Advertise free on HireMeUp! Whether a 30-day job listing or permanent company profile, register on HireMeUp and get access to our database looking for volunteer opportunities.


Do you have a business or a service that would interest people looking for flexible work? HireMeUp offers a number of display advertising spaces on the website as well as our fortnightly newsletter. For more information on options, sizes and special pricing, please email advertising@hiremeup.com.au with your enquiry.

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