ABS Report Confirms Trend Towards Part-Time Work

ABS Report Confirms Trend Towards Part-Time Work

According to the Labour Force Report published by the ABS in December 2010, there has been a marked increase in part-time employment in the last 10 years. Although the rise has been steady for the past three decades, the report highlighted significant surges in the proportion of people employed part time since the turn of the century.

The trend estimate of part time aggregate monthly hours worked has risen from 161 million hours in Dec 2000 to 238 million hours in Dec 2010.

More women, in particular, have been gradually joining the workforce and many of them opting for part-time work. The economic downturn in recent years has also impacted young adults sending many back to school and subsequently forcing them to supplement their income with part-time roles. The report noted that there are over 170,000 Australians looking specifically for part-time work and many of them are skilled.

This ABS report confirms that there is a large number of experienced people seeking flexible work and HireMeUp intends to make their search much, much easier.

Labour Force Report, ABS, December 2010

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