Hello world!

Welcome to the HireMeUp Wire – your one-stop-shop for all news related to the flexible workforce and Australia’s newest job site, http://www.HireMeUp.com.au.

HireMeUp is the first all-encompassing part-time job website dedicated to helping more people achieve that perfect work life balance by answering the modern demand for flexible work options.

Whether for a day, a week, a month or a year, HireMeUp aims to help connect people seeking flexible positions with employers looking to fill exactly the same. From students looking for work experience to mums and dads looking for part-time work while the kids are in school. From corporate executives looking for flexible hours to full-timers looking for a casual job to help supplement their income. Temp staff, professionals, volunteers, envelope stuffers. executives, babysitters, personal assistants, personal trainers, clerical staff, retail staff, promoters, baristas, DJs, consultants, carpenters – you name it. If it’s anything other than full time, it’s on HireMeUp.

We believe there is an employer out there for every job seeker and HireMeUp is there to help you find them!



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